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Accounting Advanced

Aside from basic accounting operations, knowing exactly where a business stands is fundamental to business owners that strive for advancement and sustainability. Praxis ERP’s advanced accounting module and its expanded functionality provides decision makers with robust tools to efficiently monitor performance.

Module Features

With the accounting advanced module, you will be able to define: Cost Centers, Profit & Loss Groups, Balance Sheet Groups, Equivalent Ledger in addition to managing the Fiscal Year (including closing and opening a fiscal year, interest and exchange rates, renumbering, closing VAT, and depreciation). The module also provides advanced analytics financial dashboard reporting tools along with Cost Center Distribution, Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss (Income Statement) as well as Consolidated Trial Balance reports.

Accounting Basic

The accounting software helps business owners manage their finances and track money flowing in and out. Praxis ERP offers an easy to use and reliable cloud-based accounting solution to confidently run any business, from anywhere at any time.

Module Features

The basic version of this module is essential to kick start any business, allowing business owners to define the chart of accounts (classes, ledgers, and auxiliary accounts) by nature and by function, generate debit/credit notes operations, transfer a batch of transactions from an account to another with advanced filtering options, and create periodical financial reports specifically trial balance, statement of accounts and journal voucher.


The payroll module manages a business' human capital by collecting and calculating the total net amounts to be paid for the employees in function to their working hours, basic salary, transportation, overtime, taxes, deductions, bonuses, etc. Praxis ERP is designed to automate and optimize the entire employee payment process through its accurate calculations of periodic wages, tax, and social security based on predefined criteria (married, single, etc.).

Module Features

The payroll module defines: Employee List, Financial Definition, Financial by Profile and by Employee, Working Calendar, Contact Type, Person Position, Official Tax Fields, Time, Sheet Logs, Project Tree and Attendance Machine. The module has the ability to generate Payment Slips, Closed Month and Financial Employee Financials. As for its reporting tools, the payroll module presents the Employee Payments, Current Financial Employee, Financial Month Amount, Payment Details, Historical Rates, NSSF Journal, Bordero, Official Tax, Annual Leave and Payment Slip Tax reports.


The procurement module provides tools to manage supplier relationships, execute supply chain transactions, and control the flow of goods. Praxis ERP's procurement module is designed to drive superior performance in day-to-day supply chain management operations enabling access to real-time information that will help business owners better manage costs and maximize profitability.

Module Features

The procurement module's specialty is to define Suppliers & Suppliers Types. It also generates Purchase Quotation, Purchase Order, Purchase Invoice, Purchase Delivery Order, Supplier Return and Supplier Payments. The module also provides the user with Purchase, Supplier Aging, Supplier Statement, Supplier Follow-up and Supplier Purchase Order (SPO) reports.

Production Management System

The production management system assists companies in streamlining and visualizing the full production process to convert its raw materials into finished goods. Praxis ERP grants companies real-time access to every detail throughout the production phases, which in turn, enhances the decision-making process for continued growth and profitability.

Module Features

The manufacturing module (PMS) defines the Products Manufacturing Set, manages Production Job and Daily Production. In addition The module providers Sales Order for Production, Cost of Production, Production Job Follow-up and Manufacturing Estimation reports.

Sales & Services Management

The sales and services management module give business owners full visibility of the sales activities, while boosting the internal workflow and tracking sales performance and progress. Praxis ERP is powerfully designed for minimum input and maximum output, simplifying complex sales procedures and processes to increase efficiency. With its comprehensive features, the sales and services management module cover all phases in the sales cycle, centralizes all customer information and interactions, helps in price optimization, and gives accurate and robust real-time reporting.

Module Features

This module’s most prominent features include defining Product Selling Price, Customers, Customer Types and Services. The Sales & Services Management also allows the user to generate Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Sales Invoice, Sales Delivery Order, Sales Return and Customer Receipts. In addition, the module has the ability to provide detailed Clients Aging, Sales and Quotation Overview reports.

Salesman Activity Management

The salesman activity management module allows business owners to seamlessly track the sales team on different products, services, locations, and customers. Praxis ERP gives the sales team the right tools to organize and track their orders/deals, generating more sales. Not to mention, this module's extensive reports that help managers compare and monitor performance against goals, across salespeople and teams, and branches. (what gets measured, gets improved!)

Module Features

The main highlights of the Salesman Activity Management module is defining the Commission Schemes, Salesmen, Sales Groups, Call Cycles, Call Cycle Orders, Vehicles and Drivers. Moreover, the module can facilitate transactions such as the Commission Calculation and Transfer Customer. Our S.A.M. also shows and generates precise Sales by Salesman, Salesman Cycle, Monthly Sales Table and Monthly Driver Table reports.

Treasury Management

Treasury Management is the ability of a business to take control of its banks’ exposures, global cash flow, and payment collections. Praxis ERP’s treasury management module is designed to help business owners manage global cash positions and liquidity, identify cash flow trends, and improve operational efficiencies.

Module Features

In the treasury management module, you will be able to define and control Cash/Bank Accounts, Payment Properties, Payment and Charges Types, External Bank Accounts as well as managing Petty Cash, Checks, Receipts & Payments, Collection List, Cash Deposits. The module also provides Check management, Check Management Collector, Expenses Budget and Cash Flow reports.

Warehouse Management

Warehouse management systems enable businesses to take control of their inventory, track products across different locations, and optimize warehouse operations. Praxis ERP is characterized by its all-in-one multi-warehouse inventory solution designed to help business owners manage and control day-to-day warehouse operations. The warehouse management module streamlines and simplifies tasks that range from tracking and updating stock levels and managing stock transfer between warehouses, to setting stock thresholds and customizing alerts.

Module Features

Our Warehouse Management module defines Warehouses, Product Assigned Specifications, Identifiers and Bar code Configuration. In addition, the user will be able to manage Purchase Requisition, Item Exchange, Inventory Adjustment, Inventory Transfer and Item Inventory. As for the reports, the module allows the user to generate Warehouse Inventory, Turn Over, Item Inventory Inquiry, Warehouse Inventory Inquiry and Min & Max of Product per Warehouse reports.

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